Silvopasture Raised Pigs

Silvopasture Raised and Ohio Non-GMO Fed Pigs

You probably don't like bacon. Stop Reading! Salivation commenced. I love pork but it is so unhealthy. Hit the brakes bros and bro-settes! All meat from industrial farms are unhealthy. This is SILVOPASTURED PORK with the highest quality non-gmo feed available. See these pigs have a shovel on the front of their face and some reference this as a nose. They love to dig into the soil and eat grubs, roots, saplings, worms, etc. Ask a pig to do that when they are raised in a 3X5 jail cell on concrete. Are you OK with this? Sugar Butte Farms does not believe this is fair. We take this wonderful animal and move it throughout the woods letting it express its "pigness" and do what God intended it to do. Oh yeah, now this pork is micronutrient dense and nourishes your family.

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