Our Story

Our Story

Who are these weirdos?

Hi there, welcome to the online view of Sugar Butte Farms. So you have questions about the Gibson's (Kayla, Eric, Willard and Violet)? There are many questions you should be asking when trying to find the right farmer for your family. The Gibson's have pulled back the veil of secrecy and changed how food should be grown (#farmtotable). Like you, health of our family is the number one importance. So we did the research, built the infrastructure, and raised the animals. 2019 was so amazing and yet very challenging on our emotions, time and pocketbooks (Does anyone use the word pocketbook anymore)! Along the way we grew over 200 chickens for others which was by far the most rewarding part. So here we are growing a little extra each season to provide authentic, healthy and tastful food to a few families in the Mid Ohio Valley.

Our family's health is the short answer. Long answer: We didn't like how we felt. WE HAD TO CHANGE! My grandfather was a beef cattle farmer and the math wasn't lining up when we were buying a $1 hamburger. Even a $10 burger doesn't make sense at a restaurant. How do you keep the lights on in these places? Weird part coming : We started buying eggs from the MAIL MAN and chicken from Gruber Farms in Shippenville, PA near Kayla's parents. That was the beginning.
We sold our house in Huntington, WV to move to a gravel road in rural Ohio. We moved the screenprinting business and started a whole new life based around healing our body and mind. Sounds real flower child of us? Well, living the life we were living wasn't helping us and wasn't help anyone around us. We were a depreciation on the food system. Click next bar to read on about how you can help.
What an animal eats plays a gigantic part in the nutrient density of the final product. Could you live on only seeds and water? Yeah but not for long. So doing this extra labor to nurture these high quality animals gives the people in contact with us a way to foster the health of their family and help the earth. Here we go, flower child... It is true, the farming we participate in enhances the earth along with feeding the animal a diversified diet because we move them based upon their soil disturbance level. This farming practice diversifies your nutrition because they get new grass, legumes, forbes, roots and bugs! Tada! This is what heals my family and we are open to YOU joining us for any amount of time.

Meet Our Family


Kayla is the THROTTLE and nurturer for the farm. She is realistic about what can be done in a day. She also loves babies so Eric bought her an incubator and now SBF needs prayer.


Eric is just a big geek. He nothing short of stalks the most holistic farmers in the world and steals their practices. SBF only wants to sell the best product or no product at all.

WillardTrouble Maker

Will is the distraction for when we need to get things done. He makes sure we know that he knows all about the animals. He currenlty is aware that food comes from a farm but doesn't connect that we own a farm and grow our own food.

VioletGuardian Poddle

She loves to chase the chickens. She is just loud enough and aware enough to keep predators on their toes. She will NOT bite a chicken but she will catch them for us and hold it down until we put it back into the netted area.

Please contact us via facebook, instagram, phone, text, email or the contact button below for more informaton.

We have an open door policy but like many small farms this is our home. If you would respect that and contact us before you visit it would be appreciated.

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