Grass Fed and Grass Finished Beef

100% Grass-Fed and Grass Finished Cows

SBF is driven to build relationships with our food and keep our authenticity to build that face to face trust you can't receive from most food buying places. It was a freezing cold day on March 8, 2019 when Louise, the FarmHer of Valley Ridge Farms, and I spoke for the first time on the phone. This unsuspecting lady didn't know she was about to be interrogated that afternoon. I didn't walk into this conversation without being prepped. Listen people, it was frightening to see how correct Louise answered every single question. Both Louise and Phil can talk circles around the average cattle farmer to why a ruminant should only eat grass. Again a cow can eat a lot of stuff if that is all it is presented. I had to get my wisdom teeth cut out and skipping breakfast about killed me. I would have eaten cardboard that morning.

There are so many terms available to confuse the consumer. So you can trust me, research it on your own, visit VRF and read below. Grass-fed is simply that the animal was on a grass only diet until the the farm moved it to a grain based diet before butchering. This results in meat that is similiar to conventional feedlot beef (CAFO Industrial Food Techniques). Simply put, ALL cows eat grass for some period of time so let us not dance around. Kayla and I consume 100% Grass-fed and Grass Finished beef end of the story. This is where the cow is moved on pasture everday or every other day depending on the paddock size. This not only helps sequester carbon out of the atmosphere but also creates and balanced fatty-acid profile. As well the epigentics are allowed to flourish because during the winter the cows eat hay from the next door neighbor's hay fields. I could go on and on...
Let me say that moving 50 head of cattle everyday is not on my bucket list. My grandfather was a cattle farmer who fed hay and grass only but he just let them roam on 110 acres. This is too much effort for me with a full time job, pigs and chickens. Holy moly, can you imagine? You have to be able to eye ball these cows and keep constant spreadsheets full of data to learn when they are ready to harvest. It is something you learn over years of experience and failures. No worries, Phil, a retired engineer, is a huge geek like Eric.
Currently they process their beef with Pine Ridge Meat Processing in Fleming, OH which has a USDA inspector on site.
Because of High Demand we will only have limited supply of ground beef. Contact us for availabilty.


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Ground $6.50/lb 1lb Packs

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