Exclusive Ohio Pasture Raised Chickens

Happy Pasture Raised - Hatched in Ohio - Non-GMO Ohio Grown and Milled Feed

You will not find a more local product. We even get some of the grit from our creek. We love our chickens! It is borderline weird. Our end goal is to create the most nutrient dense chicken or egg that is possible without damaging the soil or water supply. We are not the best farmers but you would be hard pressed to find a family that tries harder than we do. Everyday we are brainstorming to make processes more effecient.

We move our meat chickens to a new patch of grass every single day and they are fed genetically modified organism-free (AKA GMO-Free or Non-GMO) Ohio grown feed. The term pasture raised has recently lost its luster because it was changed to be defined by FSIS as "availabilty to pasture."
Nutrional Differences
VITAMIN A in pasture-raised eggs increases between 38% and 73% compared to a free range egg
OMEGA 3 fatty acids in pasture-raised eggs are just under 300% more than in a free range egg
OMEGA 6:OMEGA 3 ratios in pasture-rasied birds on a soy diet (8:1) is 31% lower than a free range chicken
OMEGA 6:OMEGA 3 ratios in pasture-rasied birds on a soy free diet (3:1) is 74% lower than a free range chicken
SATURATED fats in a pasture-raised bird (1.28g/100g) is 28% less than a free range chicken
MONOSATURATED fats in a pasture-raised bird (1.78g/100g) is 33% less than a free range chicken
POLYUNSATURATED fats in a pasture-raised bird (1.34g/100g) is 14% more than a free range chicken
The egg layers are moved on pasture every week or every 250lbs of feed from April 1st to November 1st. During the winter they are still on grass and we supplement their fresh greens with fermented alfalfa. We move them monthly and continually lay down hay so the pasture can recover in spring. Oh boy does it ever recover. It is always 6" ahead of the other grass.
We currently have our chicken processed at a USDA inspected facility in Northern Ohio. This not one of the larger facilities so they are awesome to work with and adjust for our needs.
This can't be cheap! We are going to shoot you straight on this one. We do everything the hard way to ensure a premium product. We buy the best Non-GMO feed right from a farmer in Ohio, fencing to keep them safe, the thickest vacuum bags, stainless steel tables, freezers, we even purify our ice for the ice bath... Come watch us butcher and pick up a fresh chicken that is 5 minutes old (Ask an industrial farmer that question). You will be impressed how much effort we put into each chicken.


Pricelist based on 2021 Feed Prices

Cut Price Contents
Whole $4.85/lb Whole Bird 4-5lbs
Breasts $11.00/lb Two breasts 1-1.5lbs
Thighs $6.50/lb Six Thighs 2-2.5lbs
Drums $5.00/lb Six Drumsticks 1.5-2lbs
Wings $4.50/lb Eight Wings 1.5-2lbs
Eggs $5.00/doz Twelve Eggs

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