Kayla's Story

Hi, I'm Kayla (1st generation FarmHer), concerned mom, I am wondering if I know why you are here. Maybe you were like me and concerned about what your family is eating. Is it even food? Where in the heck does it come from? Grocery store? No, wait a farm, yeah that's right! Where's the farm? Who's the farmer? Is it a woman? Could it even be a woman, is that legal? Lol! Ok yes! I like this picture: there is a woman farmer, cute cows, bouncing goats, curly tailed pigs and fluffy chickens roaming on green pastures in a harmonious ballet of unicorns and rainbows?

Ok so that is what is in my head. Turns out it looks more like metal buildings, dirt and concrete. Yes, all restaurant and grocery store meat and eggs come from the same style buildings and same dirt square feed lots. That hurts doesn't it? Trust me, I know because I was in the same place as you. This is exactly why I am writing this first on our website. You are not alone.

There has to be a better way. These animals once lived on their own in the wild with out our help. I think? So that is why we took my fantasy and turned it into a real life thing. Farmers all over the US are doing this type of regenerative farming. Let me begin by saying, my husband is very bold so he dug into the internet and contacted more farmers than you can't count. Yup, he called them on the phone and emailed them and asked them how to create this eutopia of harmony that I had drawn up in my head. Is it even possible? So, here we are, years later, following in their footsteps with the help of these farmers with decades of experience; farming in a way that is healthy for the soil, the animals and our families. I know it is hard to believe. Come see for yourself! This is really happening...

I end by saying, Thank you for partnering with us and for growing our farm to feed us like minded people.

Pastured Raised Poultry

Chickens and Turkey moved on pasture everyday using a fresh air chicken enclosure or using space-age electric netting. Non-GMO and Non-Synthetic Fertilizer grown feed that is produced (excluding alfalfa and kelp) and milled here in Ohio.


Silvopasture Raised Pork

Pigs are moved using this fancy electric wire that hurts when you put your tongue on it through the woods (silvopasturing). Non-GMO and Non-Synthetic Fertilizer grown feed that is produced (excluding alfalfa and kelp) and milled here in Ohio.


100% Grass Finished Beef

We have teamed up with Phil and Louise at Valley Ridge Farms in Lower Salem, Ohio to provide our customers a one-stop local shop to buy the most micro-nutrient dense grass only beef available. Keeping the epigentics more pure they even use hay directly from the neighboring farm.


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